Jumper (2008)

February 23, 2008

Jumper (2008)Jumper (2008) Movie Review

Jumper (2008)The premise of the story is that a teenage boy called David Rice (Christiansen) discovers he has the ability to teleport himself anywhere in the world at any time. He runs away to escape his abusive father (Rooker) and a hum drum average life in middle America and uses his power to ‘borrow’ large sums of money from bank vaults undetected, thus being able to afford a worry free and privileged life. Read more

Charlie Bartlett (2007)

February 23, 2008

Charlie Bartlett (2007) Movie Review

Let me commence by saying I believe this to be one of, if not THE best high school movie I have ever seen.

How can people say that high school is portrayed nonrealistically in this movie, because there is too much smoking (cigarettes)? or because we see for about 3 seconds a stoner pass an ending jay to a pal at the commencement of Charlie’s stay at the public high school? This is not even remotely close to anything involved in the theme of the story..and it is a completely irrelevant detail. Read more

Rambo (2008)

February 22, 2008

Rambo (2008) Movie Review

There are any number of things that are interesting about “Rambo,” the fourth film in which muscle-man Slyvester Stallone (who stars, co-wrote, produced, and directed the film) plays the ex-Green Beret/Vietnam vet/human killing machine John Rambo, the best of which is seeing Stallone in action, in an action film that remembers the good old days of the bang-bang-bang-shoot-’em-up without a conscience. Read more

Cloverfield (2008)

February 22, 2008

Cloverfield (2008) Movie Review

The build-up for this release has been immense, from the secretive non-title to the intense trailer released last year; so anyone wanting to go see it was expecting a movie to match the hype. Read more

London City UK

February 22, 2008

London City

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