March 28, 2008

I stepped out of past, walked through the present with future in front of me. I was visiting Edinburgh for the first time in my life and was completly mesmerised by the beauty of this historic scottish thorne. The Royal Mile in Edinburgh gives you a strange combination of past, present and future. Read more

How to Service Your Car (Car Servicing Tips)

March 28, 2008

How to Service Your Car (Car Servicing Tips) – Most of the process will involve, you need to  change all the filters, oil, air, fuel, plugs and if needed cambelt aswell depending on milage and the age of the car. Read more

The Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel (UK, London)

March 28, 2008

The Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel

The Chesterfield Mayfair is a tranquil delightful traditional oasis amongst the hubbub of central london. It’s location, staff, accomodation and amenities far exceeded my expectations. Read more

Aegeon Beach Hotel Review – (Greece, Attica) Athens

March 27, 2008

Aegeon Beach Hotel – Greece – Attica – Athens

The Aegeon Beach Hotel is placed at the most gorgeous spot in Europe, at Cape Sounio, where ancient Greeks worshipped the god of the sea Poseidon.

All the rooms assert a superb sea view and a private balcony to marvel the world-known sunset. Read more

The ‘Green’ Issue

March 27, 2008

Quick get to the shops before it gets dark and the neds start congregating outside the off license. Next doctors appointment available is a week tommorrow. How can you legislate or plan for when you’re going to get sick? Nana says you can pay her back that £50 when you’re back on your feet.That is the issues I hear. The green issue is a class issue. An issue for middle class or upper class or any other kinda people with too much money or time on their hands. Read more

Vehicle Tax for Cars and Motorcycles

March 26, 2008

Is your vehicle tax Due? If you own a vehicle and use it on the road then you will need to know the following details. These are the new road tax regulations. The tables below contain the rates of vehicle tax(cars and motorcycles) for the different tax class. Read more

Memories in My Mind Poem

March 26, 2008

y is it 2 miss talkin to u is a crime mixed emotions tellin me a series of lies da memories in ma mind dat am trying to fight jus loosing control wid ma soul asked u 2 protect me instead u became ma biggest enemy deep down dat it hurts 4 y i was so disturbed ma every breath said ya name Read more

Local Hard Man Poem

March 25, 2008

Well I’m your local hard man
You’ll see me on your streets
I hang around your corners
Most days of the week
I whistle at the women and scowl at all the guys
Cause I’m your local hard man with menace on my side Read more

There Will Be Blood

March 21, 2008

Daniel Day Lewis tears his way through this film in a way that makes Godzilla’s rampage through Tokoyo seem like a visit to the grandparents on a wet bank holiday Monday. And that is rampage in a good way, like Brando in ‘Street Car’ or De Niro’s ‘Raging Bull’ Yes it’s that good! Read more

Dead Famous

March 21, 2008

Like reading?  Like Big Brother?  Then you’ll like Dead Famous.  If like me, you’re not into watching any reality shows, then this is still a cracking read.  A murder is comitted in a BB house, but how is certainly a mystery, one an old fashion copper with two whipper snappers helping him.  While obvious to all that it’s an inside job and if you’re a bad detective like me, then it will keep you guessing and up all night.  The contestants were chosen with care, meaning that they all had things to hide.  I can say without giving anything else away, that it wasn’t the butler and I just hope that the real BB people don’t get hold of the book to get any ideas, otherwise they’ll get more than they bargained for.

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