Champions League draw 2009-10 season

August 27, 2009

Champions League draw 2009-10 season

Seems like a brilliant draw for all the British clubs – and I think Glagow Rangers will be delighted Read more

Junk clips and funny pictures video

August 19, 2009

Junk clips and funny pictures video

Very funny junk pictures and clips, make sure you watch all of it Read more

Gimp 2 Layer Box Location

August 19, 2009


Opened GIMP 2.6 program to practice photo manipulations or various other effects, but I could not find the layers box. Can someone please tell me how to show the layers box? Read more

What is a SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer)

August 19, 2009

The meaning of SSL certificate is Secure Sockets Layer certificate, it is used to make secure communication between the web server on which your site is hosted and the visitor’s browser. Read more

How to change author name of word document

August 19, 2009

To change the author name for a specific Word document, open up the document in Word, go to File menu > Properties > Summary tab. You can change the Author name there. Read more

Rally driver crashes into wild horse

August 18, 2009

Rally driver hits a black wild horse, the horse was thrown high into the air by a speeding rally car. Read more

Meat Eating Pitcher Plant Discovered, Eats Rats

August 17, 2009

Giant pitcher plant that eats Rats has been discovered by British experts

A giant pitcher 4ft long plant – believed to be the largest meat eating shrub – lures rodents into its slipper- Read more

Medieval banquets from Middle Ages

August 12, 2009

Food ate in a medieval banquet through the Middle ages: Most of the meat would be set to roast on the kitchen spit, the meats include a wild Boar, a few geese, swan, chickens, and a lambs. Read more

Medieval Armour for Knights in Middle Age Britain

August 12, 2009

The armour used in the Middle Ages was slowly improved to perfection which the Knight could not be hurt.  A Medieval Knights Armour was very important on the Battlefields of the Middle Ages. Read more

Augmented Reality on mobile phones

August 12, 2009

Augmented Reality (AR), on mobile phones is soon to be a reality.

Majoirty of mobile phone operators are hoping it will be the next big application. Read more

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