Walking and eating, a very annoying consequence

October 22, 2008

As I am walking through the centre of Bradford, I think ‘what to have for dinner?’  I see many venues with seating and heating that sell burgers to chips, shakes to sugary beverages.  Yet where are all the shops such as bakeries that can sell healthy and filling food at a good price like pasta bowls, sandwiches, baguettes and wraps with areas for seating and eating? Read more

A lemon a day to keep the doctor away

September 18, 2008

The Lady M story continutes………………..

Lady M never believes in ‘Too much of a good thing’, especially when the good thing is offered very cheap. That’s how she came into possession of a big bag of lemon from the farmer’s market. Loaded with the bright yellow fruit, she set to work her magic around the house. Started off with displaying some of the yellow citrus in cute fruit bowls all around the house. Read more

Healthy Cooking on the Cheap

September 1, 2008

Trying to save money on food during these tough, high-priced times?  I will be giving you some thrifty and economical recipes during the coming months that will be sure to delight your and your family’s taste buds, as well as save you money! Read more

Healthy eating to lose weight

June 22, 2008

My rule of thumb of healthy eating is not to eat anything that could eat you. Yes, that means that I’m a vegetarian, but that isn’t a practical answer for most of the world. Especially since the percentage number of obese people in America is increasing. Read more

Get fit for Summer Holidays, tone up tips

April 18, 2008

Some cardio (walking, biking, jogging and many sports) is great to get in shape. Weight training, even with low weights, is a great way to tone up, carry them when you walk or do reps with them. Read more

Weight loss, can water help you lose weight

April 17, 2008

Drinking alot of water does not help you lose weight, but it might help you gaining weight. If you exercise and drink water you might lose a few pounds of your body.(but I wouldnt recommend anyone just drinking water the whole week). Read more

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