A Guide To Details Of PPC Marketing On The Web

April 18, 2012

PPC advertising is somewhat like other types of advertising and marketing because the preparation is very influential. Quite frankly, you can either sink or swim as a result of the planning stages of a campaign. Read more

Arts Degree

April 22, 2009

I thought what study course could i do  that could fit around school hours. I couldn’t drive so i decided to take a home study art i  took as i loved it at school. So  went ahead and began my art course at home. Read more

How School Life Changed

April 22, 2009

Years ago there wasn’t a day gone by when you would see a teacher with a piece of clean white chalk  write something on the blackboard and how I  use to cringe if her chalk caught the board. Read more

Top UK University Rankings – provided by The Guardian

February 19, 2009

The following table from the Guardian reflects the overall rankings of the universities based on the subject tables. Read more

The frustrations of a graduate in today’s English society

July 10, 2008

So, I worked really hard during my A-levels (Design & Tech, Art & Design), but even though my Product Design coursework had achieved an A* level of grade (which I was proud of), my exams brought me down to a dismal D.  Going to university to take on a product design related course was out of the window. Read more

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