Big Brother is back, the final series

June 10, 2010

On the opening night, 81 potential housemates stood near the crowd, with only 13 housemates were waiting to find out if they will enter by Big Brother live. The final 14th housemate to enter was chosen by a random draw held by Davina.

Mario won the random draw, however, Big Brother set him on an “Impossible Task” upon entry. He was forced to work undercover as a mole, interfering the House in a forced discretion for the days to come. If the majority of the housemates suspect him as a mole, Mario receives an immediate eviction. He entered the House with a mole suit and a sign saying “I am a Mole” to draw housemates to fast suspicions. In the later hours, Mario got access to the Mole Hole, his living quarters located in a door at the garden.

Big Brother 2010 housemates

Benjamin Duncan         30     London
Caoimhe Guilfoyle         22     Dublin
Corin Forshaw             29     Stockport
Dave Vaughan             39     Pontypool
Govan Hinds             21     Leicester
John James Parton         24     Melbourne, Australia
Josie Gibson             25     Bristol
Ife Kuku             25     Milton Keynes
Mario Mugan             28     Essex
Nathan Dunn             25     Bingley, Yorkshire
Rachael White             23     Nottingham
Keeley “Shabby” Katchadourian     24     London
Steven “Steve” Gill         40     Leicester
Yvette “Sunshine” Martin     24     Peterborough

Lets see if this series is as exciting as the past ones.


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