Body of Lies (2008)

January 5, 2009

Ridley Scott is one of the directors working in movies these days that can be trusted to deliver a big thriller such as “Body of Lies”. This is by no means one of his better action packed pictures such as “Black Hawk Down” or “Black Rain”, just to name two. With this new venture Mr. Scott puts himself in a category that only a few people can match his ability to give the viewer a good solid two hours of entertainment. The film, based on a David Ignatius novel which we haven’t read, was adapted for the screen by William Monahan, the man responsible for most of the success of “The Departed”.

We are taken to the Middle East, to Iraq, specifically, where CIA agent Roger Ferris has been operating at the time of the war in that country. His handler is in Washington, a chubby Ed Hoffman, who gives orders via invisible cell phone. Ferris is involved in following the trail of the man that has been masterminding suicide bombings all over Europe. In order to do that, he goes into Jordan, where a lot of Iranians and Iraqi citizens have fled their war-torn countries.

bodyofliesThe CIA uses techniques that can only be described as amazing. One thing came to our minds while watching the film, and it has to do if such exact way of monitoring people and sites was possible, why aren’t they put to work in the prevention of the crimes themselves? Of course, where there are criminals intent in doing horrible things to their fellow citizens, as well as others, it would be a different world.

Leonardo DiCaprio does an excellent job with his Roger Ferris. This actor is wonderful in most of his recent pictures. He makes a perfect hero with his good looks, attitude and boldness. Roger is always at odds with the boss, a man that clearly sees the situations this operative must deal with from a remote place, not taking into consideration what he is asking his subordinate to do. A chubby Russell Crowe, who has collaborated with the director before, makes an impression by doing so much without upstaging his co-star. The best thing in the film though, is Mark Strong, a Jordanian intelligence man with a keen insight of that part of the world.  Mr. Strong cuts an elegant figure in the film.


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