Doctor’s Fee – Poem

July 6, 2010

Doctor’s Fee.

I have a serious question,
Have you a remedy for me.
I suffer from indigestion,
And cannot afford a Doctor’s fee.

Ice cream is my favourite,
I eat it every day,
There is nothing like it
But it does not really pay.

For it creases my tummy,
I eat far too much.
But it is so yummy,
And I like it as such.

Thankful I would be,
For any good advice.
Do not try to stop me,
For that would not be nice.

Perhaps I should warm the ice cream,
even make it hot,
Now that would be a dream,
which I rather like a lot.

So I will not go to a Doctor,
for I cannot pay the fee.
But in the future,
I will drink a cup of tea.


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