Pride and Glory (2008) Film Review

November 8, 2008

Pride and Glory manages to reach such high depth of entertainment, in which it shows the effectiveness of the good guys and the bad guys. It may seem like another type of mystery drama, but it goes beyond that.

It begins in December, where Ray(Edward Norton), a missing persons police detective, and his older brother Francis(Noah Emmerich) are at a football game where the cops and the firemen are playing against each other. There brother in law Jimmy(Colin Farrell) who is also a cop, is playing also. But after the game, Francis gets a call, about a shoot out. When Francis, Ray and Jimmy arrive at the scene, they find it was a drug bust that went horribly wrong, and four cops are dead. Francis Sr(Jon Voight) a retired cop, suggest that Ray should come in on this case. Ray has a troubled past, but agrees to come on. But during the investigation, what there gonna discover is something not only shocking then the crime itself, but the events that led up to it.

Terrific performances by Voight, Emmerich, Norton, and Farrell. The crime drama is also great. It seemed to slow down a little for some parts. But I liked the direction it was going, it showed the gritty realness of a cops life. It just wasn’t focused on the crime part, but also on the emotion part. It was a great film, don’t miss it.


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