Webkins Virtual Pets And Responsibility: What It Teaches Your Child

November 22, 2011

Are you the parent of child who wants a Webkins pet, also commonly spelled Webkinz? If you are, you may already know that your child gets more than just a plush toy. They also get a secret Webkinz code. This code allows them to adopt a virtual pet online. They, however, get to have more than just a virtual pet; it is a pet that they will have to care for.

As neat as having a Webkins virtual pet sounds, you may be concerned. Of course, this concern is legitimate, but you should know that the Webkinz website is safe for most children, including yours, to use. In fact, did you know that Webkins virtual pets are not only fun, but they can also be educational in nature? There is actually a lot that having a Webkinz virtual pet can do for your child.

As for what having a Webkinz virtual pet can do for your child, it can teach them about money management. Your can learn the importance of having money, how to earn it, and how to properly spend it. This is done with KinzCash, which is virtual money. For starters, your child can earn their money by doing a number of fun activities online. Just a few of the many ways that your child can earn KinzCash is by doing “jobs,” playing games, and answering quiz questions.

In addition to learning how to earn money in a legitimate way, your child can also learn the importance of properly managing their money. When your child’s virtual money starts to run low, they then know that they have to earn more money. In addition to letting your child know when they need to make money, your child can also learn how to properly manage and spend their money. For example, they can learn that you can’t buy something, like medicine for their pet, if they don’t have enough money.

In addition to money management, your child can also learn all about responsibility. As it was previously stated, your child may need to pay for medicine if their virtual pet gets sick. This is an important lesson to teach your child. They need to care for their sick pet, as it is their responsibility as the pet owner.

In keeping with responsibility, your child can also learn how to properly care for a pet. Although Webkins pets are not the real thing, as they are only virtual, it is still a great lesson to teach your child. Even though their adopted pet is virtual, they still need to care for it when they are online. This involves feeding it and providing it with shelter. If your child has fun and succeeds with caring for their virtual Webkins pet, you may want to consider getting a real family pet, which your child can then help you care for.

Another neat lesson that your child can learn, while having a Webkins virtual pet, is that of goal setting. As previously stated, your child can earn KinzCash by playing games and doing other fun activities on the website. Your child can set goal for themselves, like to earn a certain about of money each week or each month. They can also decide, ahead of time, by visiting the W Shop, which items they want to buy. Doing this allows them to set the goal of earning a specific amount of KinzCash.

As you can see, there are a number of different ways that your child can benefit from owning a Webkins pet and adopting a virtual pet online. As a parent, however, you may be curious as to whether or not this is the right approach to take. Many parents find it to be. With that said, if you want your child to learn the most from having a virtual Webkinz pet, you should discuss it with them. Help your child set goals. You can also take additional steps, on your own, to teach your child about goal setting, responsibility, and money management.

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