Eco friendly eco home straw bale built

December 24, 2008

Holger’s eco friendly house is a beautiful straw bale structure built on a northern facing slope with great views of the bay. And the view is has less obvious benefits too: the water acts as a huge mirror reflecting the suns rays back up into the house, and thereby maximizing the suns warmth. The cold southern surface of the house has been reduced by cleverly designing the house in the shape of a fan, opening out towards the sun. A thick plantation of trees also protects the south side is also protected from the cold winter southerlies.

Holger designed the house himself, and employed a draughtsperson and builder to aid with the technical aspects. The straw bale is built around a post and beam construction which makes it as structurally sound as a conventional home, but with all the benefits of straw bale, such as warmth and insulation. The wooden beams of the house’s frame are exposed adopting the dual purpose of both structure and beauty.

The house has its own plumbing system and uses only rainwater collected in two large tanks out the back. Holger uses a generator every few months to pump the rainwater up the hill into a 5000l header tank. This then relies only on gravity’s pressure to circulate through the house, which is great news if there is ever a power cut!

The grey and black water goes through an Oasis water purification system, and is then fed into 200 metres of piping under the fruit orchards. This means that in effect all the water is used twice on the property, first in the home and then in the garden.


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