How to Publish Your Book, Tips and Secrets

May 16, 2008

Publishing your book – To Publish your book go and get a book that is the same genera as the one you want published and look for the address on the page where it says the copyright.

Next write a query letter saying your name, your inspiration for the book, and what it is about. Also enclose the first few pages of your manuscript, and a self addressed stamped envelope put it all in an envelope and send to publishers.

If they like the manuscripts they will ask for the full manuscript.

I wholly suggest getting an agent instead of approaching publishers directly, you will need someone to look over any offers and to guide you through the publishing world. Remember no publisher or agent should charge you any money up front! That is the sign of a scammer wanting to get their hands on your money. The publishers and agents make money by selling your book and mostly work around 15% commission.

Good luck publishing your book.


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