She Still Calls Me Daddy – By Robert Wolgemuth

May 16, 2012

What a wonderful book! I found it to be right on as the analysis of the father-daughter relationship must shift when the daughter marries. It is indeed true that a husband must leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife (Gen 2:24) – a wife must do the same. As one flesh the newly married couple must be devoted to one another ‘forsaking all others.’

I read this book in one sitting – I could not put it down. This book challenges the attitude that we need to protect our daughters against all comers, by asserting that we pass the baton to the new son-in-law to become the guardian and protector of our little girl. As hard as it is to let go, it is a scriptural response to their declaration of love for one another.

there are examples of how the author deals with his daughters, and the loss of the role as their protector – as well as how he deals with and builds relationships with his sons-in-law. The family grows as the father is able to let go and allow his sons-in-law to step into the proper place in his daughters’ life – as she moves from daughter to wife.

An excellent book with a great understanding of what makes couples work together, great hints (prayer hooks) and how ‘families of origin’ get in the way. A how-to blueprint for in-laws to allow the new couple the space necessary to make their own way!

Step back, allow the new man in, after all, if he’s good enough for her to say yes, you must do the same.

Scriptural and sound advice! Definitely a page-turner!

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