Stephanie Meyer’s ‘Twilight’ Novel

August 22, 2008

Sometimes when a novel comes along that you can relate to, you embody that character that novel and that author. In Stephanie Meyer’s first epic vampire love story Twilight I have done just that.

With hypnotic and alluring dangerous tones Meyer delivers a heart pounding classic but with a contemporary horror feel to leave the reader utterly perplexed at how real the characters develop and how real this world actually could be.

The novel charts the life through the eyes of its main character Bella Swan a new comer to the town Forks and its mysteries unbeknown to many in mankind.

The main lure of the novel is Bella’s infatuation with a boy who is the ultimate and perfect being but also the ultimate unattainable being in which danger and death are always present.

This is a story is compelling, yes. But it’s the style of writing which is so sophisticated in its subplots but still easy to read which leaves the reader turning page after page.

One low point is Meyer’s abrupt and action lacking ending but what she’s loses in action she gains in suspense’s right to the thrilling end but a little more description would have done nicely.

All in all Meyer simply delivers and delivers with precision and style.

Finally a vampire novel draws blood…And my appetite for this series is well a truly starved. For more….


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