What colour is our planet supposed to be?

June 12, 2008

Everyone imagines our planet to have lush green land and idyllic blue waters, or at least that would be a child’s drawing of earth. But the question is will it be the same in future years?

We all know there are the signs of global warming all around us and some people believe it is because of all our excess pollution messing up the sun rays. And others just think we are emerging out of an ice age. Whichever one it is, it’s not good. 

We’d all like to think that it will all be ok, because in the isolated British island we live on, nothing really drastic happens to scare us, nor in America where all the big fancy decisions are made.

But we, as the common people, don’t exactly have the power or money or anything to make such a drastic change that future generations won’t be living on a plank of wood floating in the sea, then it is very much up to the government.

But because the government aren’t very clever and obviously want us all to perish (I will tell you why in a moment) then we will be re-enacting the Leonardo Decaprio Titanic scene of ‘oh please don’t leave me *sob snivel sniff*’.

The reason why the government aren’t very clever is because they haven’t taken enough immediate action, or looked at the possibilities of what might happen in the future and the appropriate precautions in order to save this planet from destruction.

Ok, say the first option would be that Global warming never happened, yet we took all the drastic action just in case it did such as, making more wind farms, providing every house with a solar-panel etc. This is costly, and we would have economical depression for a while, but this is not the worst scenario to be in.

The second option would be that we didn’t bother making the effort to prevent climate change, but climate change never happened anyway (which looks like what is currently happening). Then everyone is happy and slightly better off. J

However the third option would be that we took appropriate action, because it turned out that global warming wasn’t a myth. And yes, it is more costly, but when we’ve run out of oil and icky fossil fuels then were a bit stuck. And now all the future generations are saved, we get to breathe actual air! Not cloggy yucky traffic fumes, the energy can last forever too (if we fix it)!

The last however is not pretty, imagine if we stayed wasting water and electricity and gas and everything, but the climate changed into a crazy blizzard one minute, a tornado the next and a tsunami wiping out thousands of people each day?

Just because we were too lazy and money hungry to make a difference and save our selves, and our planet.

There is only a few things we can do, like I don’t know, get a windmill? You know what’s out there, I m not going to patronise you by saying hey, buy a solar powered car! But you know it will help anyway, also if everyone in the whole country wrote to the Prime Minister then I’m sure he will have to open at least one (shows how much he listens to people pfft). I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad to know that my raging rant is over . :)


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