How to change a car tyre, step by step guide

May 23, 2008

How to change a car tyre, a step by step guide to help you change a tyre rather than calling the RAC or AA everytime you have a tyre puncture.

1. Remove the trim and loosen the tyre nuts
2. Car should be parked on a hard, level surface, off the roadway. Don’t try jacking up your car on a slope. It won’t work. If on soft ground put a paver or block of wood under the jack but be careful and never go under the car.
3. Get everyone out of the car. Make sure the ignition is off. Put the handbrake on and put the car in gear.
4. Place the spare tyre nearby and under the car. This will help prevent damage if the jack collapses.
5. Place your jack in position and jack up the car until it’s high enough to take the wheel off and to put one with an inflated tyre on. Know your jack. There are various types and they are used in various ways. This is something you should know about in advance.
6. Take off the wheel nuts. A cross-armed wheel brace is best. Put the nuts in the wheel cover so you don’t lose them, especially if it’s dark.
7. Take off the wheel gently.
8. Put the spare tyre on firmly in place and hand tighten the nuts back on.
9. Tighten the nuts a little with the wheel brace.
10. Lower the car, remove the jack and fully tighten the wheel nuts.
11. Snap the wheel cover back on and put the faulty tyre, jack, brace and screwdriver back in the trunk.

When you drive away with that nice feeling of successful achievement and suddenly the steering starts to wobble, don’t worry. It’s probably because your spare tyre has not been properly balanced. You can get it done when you get your puncture fixed.

Spare tyres are usually neglected things, they sit forgotten in people’s trunks for ages. It’s only when there is an emergency that people remember them. In fact, whenever you are having a tyre change and balance, it’s a good idea to include your spare tyre in the treatment.

If all this does not take your fancy, join the AA or RAC they will change the tyre for you.


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