Tyre tread depth on cars, lorrys and motorcycles in mm?

August 10, 2009

UK legal limit for minimum depth of the tread on your tyres, what the law states.

Cars (class 4 MOT) and Light commercials(Class 7 MOT) 1.6 mm tread over centre 3/4 of the width and the full circumference, the inner and/or outer tread edge can be bald and still be legal.

Private minibuses (class 5 MOT) and HGV’s is 1mm over full width and circumference.

How to check tyre tread depth

If you don’t have a tyre tread depth tool, look around the wall of the tyre for a triangle that points towards the tread.  Look at the tread itself and you will  notice a bump within one of the tread grooves that the triangle pointed to. This is the wear indicator.  Once the tred get’s level with the bump it’s down to 1.6mm.


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